How to deal with someone who is counting cards in poker?

Card counting has evolved, requiring skilled poker online game counters to remain undetected for hundreds of hours. Modern technology allows for a single capture of a player’s name, face, and location, increasing the stakes and potentially ending their career. Casinos worldwide use databases and software subscriptions to manage advantage players and counters.

What Do Casinos Do to Catch Card Counters?

Players’ Be On The Look Out information sheets often include images of themselves, known associates, and aliases. These sheets may contain information about car tag readers used by casinos to notify or track VIP visitors. These databases are typically distributed regionally or to casinos with surveillance agreements.

Face recognition software often prevents known counters from entering tables before management intervenes. Most casinos don’t allow someone identified as a card counter to play on their poker game tables, with three or four counters being walked off the property weekly in medium to large casinos.

Catching Counters Using Math

Card counting in poker games online involves betting more when the remaining cards are in your favour and less or sometimes not at all otherwise. Counters must insure their hand at a +3 accurate count, but most players have learned the dangers of insurance. This puts them in a difficult position, sometimes passing up money and taking insurance with a 12. Both bets are necessary for long-term profitability; numerous other tells can reveal a counter.

Signs of a Card Counter

The following signs in players garner immediate interest as a card counter –

  • After the shuffle, lowering your wager to your minimum wager amount
  • Removing the entire blackjack payout or a tie bet
  • Never giving tips
  • Leaving the table when the count is meagre to answer a call or use the loo

Having a confident demeanour can also draw attention to you. Examples include –

  • Excessively keeping an eye on the cards
  • Keeping silent among customers or dealers
  • Tense or secretive behaviour
  • Extreme accuracy when using cards or chips

The challenge is to increase betting funds in the house. In shoe games, players must bet between 12x and 16x their lowest stake to be effective. Players use various strategies to hide this bet spread, but it attracts attention regardless of motivation. A skilled counter or computer program will count down the shoe and grade their performance. If players manage to escape, it’s likely due to the dealer or floor staff failing to perform their duties.

Teams have adapted by recruiting players with a history of casinos, especially those with losing records. This helps casinos stay aware of high action and avoid various advantage plays, such as excessive free play, poorly planned promotions, tournaments, and giveaways.


The rapid availability of information in poker games online can lead to fatal results if a slip-up or error is caught. Players must be cautious, cool-headed, and logical. They must know their surroundings, pay attention to sly glances, and monitor pit employees. Maintain calm and place a flat wager.

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